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Business Services

JustOrder has a proven track record of generating successful business connections for Canadian businesses looking to export. We are a value chain service provider that offers a customized business solution to North American brands for their market exploration into China.

We help the brand every step of the way by listening, guiding, educating, and empowering them to succeed in the Chinese market; in return, we have exclusivity from most of the brands we serve so far.

JustOrder offers business services including brand management, agency service, supply chain management, and E-Commerce operations.

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Brand Management

We recognize that each brand has different needs to incubate the brand and get a launch-ready marketing kit. We utilize our in-house Data & Market Intelligence to help you develop your strategy in China, refine the brand positioning, and identify the sales-oriented marketing plan.

Together with you, we analyze and summarize the market data to further enhance your product R&D capability.

Agency Service

JustOrder is flexible, adaptable, and completely dedicated to build your brand in China. We represent multiple North America brands for the distributions across China.

We have local sales teams to help with your strategic planning and business management in China. Providing full market access through our established wholesale distribution networks.

Supply Chain Management

JustOrder expertize in in-market regulations and the comprehensive supply chain solutions for brands to China, which will be the key to success for your brand in China.Our areas of expertise include Import/Export, warehousing, cargo consolidation, shipping planning, order fulfillment, and etc.

We partner with leading logistics companies to provide the customized supply chain solutions for you to maximize the efficiency with the reasonable budgets.

E-commerce Operation

JustOrder is the certified trading partner (TP) by Alibaba Group for E-commerce operation. We have the dedicated operation team for your brand to ensure seamless consumer experience and sales performance.

The E-commerce operation would include store maintenance, data analysis, digital marketing & design, customer service, and membership management.
Our team offers the real-time online shopping assistance to empower brands for the direct consumers.

What is a Certified Trade Partner (TP)?

  • The brand owner owns the brand store on Tmall Global, JustOrder acts as the TP to facilitate the store management.
  • JustOrder offers the door-to-door service, covering the strategic planning, store operation, marketing, customer service, return and exchange, international supply chain management and etc.
  • Besides the operation cost of the brand store, the brand owner may need to set aside the marketing budget for the on-going activities, and the service fees for TP service


Click here to learn more about our successful partnerships with leading brands

Ready to partner with us? Click here to contact us!