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SunRype’s Fruit-to-Go Is Now Go-To Fruit Snack in China

SunRype’s Fruit-to-Go Is Now Go-To Fruit Snack in China


Originated in Okanagan valley, a fantastic place for fruits to grow, SunRype is an iconic brand in Canada. SunRype make their juice and fruit snacks straight from the orchards. SunRype’s famous fruit snack, Fruit-to-Go, is made with nothing but fruit ingredients. In 2011, JustOrder approached SunRype with a proposal of representing SunRype in China. We know that natural quality food products and especially Fruit-to-Go will really resonate with the Chinese consumers. We help SunRype to build brand recognition, expand distribution, and find logistic solutions for the Chinese market. In fact, SunRype Fruit-to-Go became so popular that Alibaba opened a new product category to cater the increasing consumer needs.  Since SunRype partnered with us, SunRype products are able to reach to over 300 online stores as well as major retail and supermarkets. We’ve also managed data from various channels to find out more about the consumers.

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